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Captain Jack Sparrow, often simply known as Jack Sparrow, is a fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He is portrayed by actor Johnny Depp and is one of the main characters of the franchise.

Jack Sparrow is a swashbuckling pirate who is known for his eccentricity, wit, and charm. He is a trickster and a master manipulator, using his cunning to get himself out of tight spots and always seeming to be one step ahead of his enemies.

Throughout the series of films, Jack Sparrow is portrayed as a lovable rogue who often finds himself embroiled in dangerous adventures. Despite his tendency to act selfishly and pursue his own interests, he often finds himself drawn into conflicts that require him to put his own well-being aside and fight for the greater good.

Jack Sparrow has become an iconic character in popular culture, with his quirky mannerisms and distinctive appearance inspiring countless imitations and parodies.

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Jack Sparrow Art Style Gallery

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