The Art Style of Coby Whitmore

Coby Whitmore was an American illustrator and painter who worked primarily in the mid-20th century. He was known for his sleek, sophisticated illustrations that captured the glamour and style of the era.

Whitmore's art style is characterized by his use of clean lines, bold colors, and strong graphic elements. He often depicted his subjects in dynamic poses, with a sense of movement and energy that gave his illustrations a sense of vitality and excitement.

One of the hallmarks of Whitmore's art is his ability to capture the fashion and style of the era in which he worked. His illustrations often feature impeccably dressed men and women, with a keen attention to detail in their clothing and accessories.

Whitmore was also skilled at capturing the emotional states of his subjects, whether it was a look of quiet contemplation or a moment of intense passion. He achieved this through his use of subtle facial expressions and body language, which added depth and nuance to his illustrations.

Overall, Coby Whitmore's art style was sleek, sophisticated, and highly stylized, capturing the glamour and style of the mid-20th century with bold colors, clean lines, and dynamic compositions.

Sample Work of Coby Whitmore

Art by Coby Whitmore.

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