Derek Zoolander in the Art Style of Gerald Brom

Derek Zoolander is a fictional character and titular protagonist of the comedy film "Zoolander" directed by Ben Stiller. He is a dim-witted male model known for his signature "Blue Steel" pose and being brainwashed by a fashion designer to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Zoolander is portrayed as being extremely self-absorbed and lacking intelligence, but his good looks and charm make him a hit in the fashion industry. He also struggles with his relationship with his father, a coal miner who disapproves of his son's career choice.

The film follows Zoolander as he tries to regain his footing in the fashion world and clear his name after being framed for the assassination attempt.

Derek Zoolander is a comedic character, known for his ridiculous antics and exaggerated personality. He represents the absurdity of the fashion industry and the power of individualism in a world obsessed with conformity.

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