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2B in the Art Style of Remedios Varo

2B is the main playable character and protagonist of the video game NieR: Automata. She is an android designed and created by humans to fight against alien machines that have invaded Earth. 2B is a skilled fighter and wields a variety of weapons, including a katana and a pod that can shoot bullets and lasers.

Throughout the game, 2B is tasked with completing various missions and battling enemies, while also grappling with questions about her own identity and purpose. She forms a close relationship with her companion android, 9S, who accompanies her on many of her missions.

2B's character design has been praised for its sleek and elegant appearance, with her black dress and thigh-high boots becoming iconic elements of her appearance. She is also known for her calm and composed demeanor, even in the face of danger, and her strong sense of duty and loyalty to her mission.

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